The Easiest Way to Order for Your Group
Set a budget and invite your team to order exactly what they want - whether you’re feeding 5 or 1,000, we have your back.
Place Your Order in 3 Easy Steps
Set a time, budget, and location.
Invite attendees to order and set a default meal in case anyone forgets.
We'll Take It From Here
The order will be placed automatically and individually bagged and labeled meals will be delivered together.
Active Group Orders
Why Use Group Invitation Order
Effortless Order Management
No need to collect and input attendees' orders, instead, invite attendees to customize their own meals.
Automated Convenience
Attendees will receive automatic reminders from Specialty’s and your order will be placed automatically - set it and forget it.
Default Options and Group Sharing
Set a default meal for forgetful attendees, or order something for the group to share (hint: cookies).
Budget Control and Zero Waste
Set a per-person budget and allow attendees to order exactly what they want or decline the meal, promoting zero waste.
Time-Saving Features
Save your attendee list for quick and easy reordering.
Great for Groups of Any Size
5 or 1,000, GIO streamlines the order process.